EcoBark Pet Supplies Garners Interest from Cat Owners

EcoBark Pet Supplies Garners Interest from Cat Owners
They say that when you present value to the world, the world will provide value to you in turn. The silliest and most unique thing happened for EcoBark Pet in 2017 as we had our best year yet bringing value to dog owners. EcoBark Pet garnered a following of cat owners! That’s right. It’s been our dream for a long time to expand our product line outwards from dog supplies into cat supplies, but our customers beat us to it!How did this happen? Our EcoBark best dog harnesses are inherently designed

EcoBark Dog Harnesses; The Best No-Escape Harnesses

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Our mission at EcoBark Pet Supplies has been to create dog harnesses that are safe, comfortable, that look great and come in customizable designs, styles, and sizes. Our business is built off of supplying pet owners with eco-friendly products made from recycled water bottles. Every harness we sell is composed of ninety-two percent recycled materials, mostly reclaimed water bottles and plastic containers.Another, little-known fact about EcoBark Pet Supplies is that our dog harnesses are

Benefits of Buying Eco-Friendly Pet Products

EcoBark's Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies
The 21st century has seen higher and higher pollution statistics in the U.S. than any previous era. Perhaps one of the fastest growing pollution problems that is directly related to human consumption is that of water bottle waste. EcoBark Pet has taken a stance on doing something about this problem by innovating eco-friendly dog accessories and pet products for our furry friends.The hallmark of our dog accessories is that they are manufactured from recycled water bottles! That's right, recycled

EcoBark Pet; Setting the Stage for Ethical Choices in Dog Accessories

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We all know that the sky’s the limit in selection for dog accessories. You can go online and search for dog supplies and find thousands upon thousands of search results for hundreds of different products replete with dozens of different styles for each, individual product! When looking for particular dog supplies, the sheer quantity of products can get a little overwhelming for any dog mom or dad.Let EcoBark Pet simplify things for you by offering eco-friendly dog harnesses, eco-friendly dog

The First Eco-Friendly Chest Harness For Dogs Is Launched By EcoBark Pet Supplies

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EcoBark Pet Supplies has introduced the first eco-friendly chest harness for dogs, rightfully named "The Harness Hug". The Harness Hug incorporates Recycled water bottles into the strapping of the animal harness along with ROSH tested non-toxic meshing. EcoBark Pet Supply, is bringing their expertise of Eco-friendly and Green practices to the Dog Walking Niche. Nature-friendly and smart ecological practices are the backbone of EcoBark Pet Supplies;