EcoBark Pet Supplies Garners Interest from Cat Owners

A Unique Phenomenom

They say that when you present value to the world, the world will provide value to you in turn. The silliest and most unique thing happened for EcoBark Pet in 2017 as we had our best year yet bringing value to dog owners. EcoBark Pet garnered a following of cat owners! That’s rInstagram ad 10% off 2ight. It’s been our dream for a long time to expand our product line outwards from dog supplies into cat supplies, but our customers beat us to it!

How did this happen?

Our EcoBark best dog harnesses are inherently designed to be escape proof dog harnesses. Our best of the best dog harnesses are well made with comfort for your dog in mind and the “escape proof” aspect of the dog harness comes in naturally. Because of how they are designed, the dog harnesses sit high on the shoulders of dogs for improved comfort but also to prevent them from wiggling their way out of the harness.

How We Can Help Cats

EcoBark Adorable Cats

Though we didn't plan it, we now have thousands of cat owners who have purchased our dog harnesses because they actually serve the purpose of preventing their furry little feline friends from getting out of the harness better than most actual cat harnesses do! The very design of our harnesses sits similarly on the shoulders, chest, and neck of cats as it does dogs to prevent slippage. Our no-escape dog harnesses are now no-escape dog harnesses, but used for cats too!

Our Dog Harnesses Look Great on Kitty Cats!

When we say we never thought we’d see the day, we mean it. We didn’t even know that our dog harnesses were being used as cat harnesses until the emails started pouring in from customers and the pictures started getting posted to Instagram, Facebook, and other forms of social media. Our customers started reaching out, saying things like, “When are you going to start making cat harnesses?” This had already been our plan all along, but we were thrilled to see that our dog harnesses were doing great as a substitute for the time being.

EcoBark Girl with Kittie

Our Product Line is Expanding

A lot of our customers end up loving our products for their dogs so much that they buy harnesses for their cats too. We specialize in comfortable, no-pull, no-escape dog harnesses for smaller dogs, so our harnesses are equally successful with cats. Our ambition is to expand into no-pull dog harnesses, dog beds, cat scratching posts, cat collars, cat leashes, and, of course, our very own line of cat harnesses!

We Love Our Customers!

For the last year, we've been overjoyed that our loyal following of customers have been buying our dog harnesses and dog leashes and using them as cat harnesses and cat leashes. It’s the little things like that that make us that much more excited and motivated to continue our mission of creating eco-friendly pet supplies for our customers.

Our Goal

We want to offer the best cat harness any customer could ever have, building off of our mission to create the best dog harness available. We started EcoBark Pet with the motivation to use recycled water bottles to make pet products, and we have been rewarded for our ethical incentive with support in the hundreds of thousands. 2018 is going to be a great year for EcoBark, so keep an eye out for cat harnesses, cat leashes, and cat collars next!

Come See For Yourself

Whether you are shopping for your own dog or cat or for a fellow pet owner, check out our products right here on our EcoBark Logo 
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to see a full lineup of our products. Shop with confidence and a sense of pride knowing that you are reducing plastic waste with every purchase and getting a great, new product for your furry canine (or feline) pal.

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