EcoBark's Goal -

Our Goal is simple, we want to be the worlds first completely Eco-Friendly Pet Supply Company.  We started off utilizing recycled water bottles in our Max Comfort and Rapid Fastener Dog Harnesses.  Then we carried  that philosophy into our Eco-Friendly padded Dog Leashes in just 5 years.  Over the last year, we've expanded our Brand to many of the big name eCommerce sites like Walmart, Sears, Bonanza and Wish.  We've even gone international selling in Canada and the United Kingdom.  But we're not stopping there.  

Our intention is to produce a full line of Eco-friendly pet products that exceed our customers expectations but also contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.  This contribution is our way of ensuring future generations of pets and pet owners have a planet they can be proud of.  

We donate all returned dog harness and leashes to local shelters, veterinary clinics and pet groomers.  

By Purchasing an EcoBark product, you are making a difference and for that we THANK YOU!

Reducing Your
Pets Carbon Paw-print

We are beyond excited to be recognized as the leader in Eco-friendly pet harnesses.  

Not only do we make the most comfortable and stylish harnesses for your little four-legged companions, but your purchase is in fact helping clean up Mother Earth! How cool is that?

Our Passion.

Every year, Americans dispose of approximately 50 BILLION plastic water bottles. With dismal recycling rates sitting around 23%, 38 BILLION of those water bottles end up scattered in our communities, lay in landfills, and end up in our rivers and oceans. While we utilize materials that incorporate recycled plastic water bottles into our products, it is only one small step in the right direction. As a company and as citizens of this planet, it is our goal to live and encourage others to live as environmentally conscious as possible.