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About Us

Love your pet and the planet with EcoBark.

Here at EcoBark, our mission is to limit our environmental footprint to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come.
We utilize eco-friendly materials (such as recycled water bottles) by incorporating them into our pet products. We are always open to finding better ways to serve our four-legged best friends and our planet.
Just small changes to your own lifestyle and buying practices can make a huge impact on Mother Earth. You are giving OUR planet a big hug when you purchase from EcoBark!

  Pet Supplies are a high demand
for animal shelters.  

In 2019, EcoBark Pet has donated more than 1,000 harness and leashes to local animal shelters. When you purchase a harness, leash or collar with EcoBark, we will donate a harness or leash to a local shelter.  

Our goal is simple: we want to become the world's first completely eco-friendly pet supply company!

The Beginning

In 2014, owner Tristen Gratz began EcoBark Pet Supplies as an Amazon only store while living in Clearwater, FL. Tristen started EcoBark as a single mohter who wanted to provide for her family, while having a positive impact on the world. Her love of animals and the outdoors has become the driving force behind the company.

Our Mission

From our products to our packaging, we want to reduce our impact on the planet while helping our customers reduce their own carbon footprint (or pawprint!). We are focused on creating products that are made as much as possible from sustainable materials, like recycled water bottles and hemp.

The Future

We are currently designing a full line of eco-friendly pet products. From harnesses, collars, and leashes to toys, brushes, dog beds, and beyond, we'll have it all!

EcoBark has expanded over the last few years, and is now being sold in several major e-commerce sites like Chewy, Walmart, Sears, Bonanza, and Wish. We sell internationally to Canada and the UK as well. Eventually, we plan to be available at every major pet retailer