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We all know that the sky’s the limit in selection for dog accessories. You can go online and search for dog supplies and find thousands upon thousands of search results for hundreds of different products with dozens of different styles for each, individual product!  
When looking for particular dog supplies, the sheer quantity of products can get a little overwhelming for any dog mom or dad. 
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Let Us Help

Let EcoBark Pet simplify things for you by offering eco-friendly dog harnesses, eco-friendly dog leashes, and eco-friendly dog collars. From our harness line to our leashes, from our eco-friendly dog collars to our speciality candles (a great gift idea) we offer quality products that are good for the environment and that come in a sensible, easy to navigate variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options in puppy supplies out there, use EcoBark pet to find a perfect harness or leash combo(s) for your pupper or puppers, and do it all in one place! 
We love shopping for puppy supplies, but we don’t like overwhelming marketing tactics, and we don’t like trying to sift through hundreds of products that say they are eco-friendly but really aren’t. You can read about our commitment to an environmentally conscious product line right here at our website.

Check out some of our Harness

Finding eco pet products shouldn’t be overwhelmingly complicated our fraught with sales gimmicks. Navigate our site to see some of our great pet accessories and dog harnesses such as:

The Hot Pink harness
a bestselling and eco-friendly dog harness.
The Cherry Red harness, comfort and style in one harness.
The Hunting Orange harness, great for outdoor play in autumn and great for Halloween fun too!
The Bright Yellow harness, a bold color that looks good on any dog.
The Neon Green harness, great for long walks at night, never lose sight of your pup! 

These are just some of our great varieties of “organic” ninety-two percent recycled materials harnesses, not even mentioning our dog collars, dog leashes, and other pet accessories. We have more than a dozen different colors for our eco-friendly dog harnesses. These are offered in three different versions, the “Original” EcoBark, the “Velcro Super Comfort” EcoBark, and the “EcoBark Perfect Fit Harness and Leash Combo.”

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What makes EcoBark Unique!

EcoBark Pet; Simplicity and Environmental Sustainability in Pet Products
Whether you are looking for natural dog collars, eco-friendly dog harnesses or any other environmentally conscious dog supplies online, look no further than EcoBark Pet. EcoBark Pet is expanding our line of pet products every month, bringing on new lines of dog collars, pet accessories, organic dog harnesses, and natural dog supplies. Next up will be a whole line of natural dog collars which we are sure you will be excited about!

At EcoBark Pet, we are constantly expanding our product listings of dog supplies online, plus we put out a new blog every week with deals, coupons, flash sales, and discounts for our dedicated “EcoBark Nation” followers. Be sure to check back soon to see what’s new!
You can also find us on where we have every product we sell listed there in every variety possible. If you are a fan, catch us there to get a good deal on our best-selling harnesses.

Let 2018 be the year that you bring your dog in on the push for an environmentally-sensible retail industry. You can go eco-friendly easily, why not let your furry friend or friends join in the movement? EcoBark Pet can provide top-quality, recycled pet products at similar prices to non-recycled products, and our sizing options, styles, and color patterns give our customers options galore to choose from!
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