The First Eco-Friendly Chest Harness For Dogs Is Launched By EcoBark Pet Supplies

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EcoBark Pet Supplies has introduced the first eco-friendly chest harness for dogs, rightfully named "The Harness Hug". The Harness Hug incorporates Recycled water bottles into the strapping of the animal harness along with ROSH tested non-toxic meshing.

EcoBark Pet Supply, is bringing their expertise of Eco-friendly and Green EcoBark Pet Supplies Black Logopractices to the Dog Walking Niche. Nature-friendly and smart ecological practices are the backbone of EcoBark Pet Supplies; therefore they have given customer's a greener choice in product selection that is made with Earth Friendly materials within the manufacturing process of both the collars and dog harnesses.

Eco-Friendly Harnesses Made Right

The Harness Hug has soft, durable non-breakaway, Eco-Friendly straps made from Recycled Water Bottles that are durable and strong. Machine Washable ROSH tested, non-toxic, light-weight double layered polyester mesh comfort webbing that is specially made to pull on the pet's chest, not the throat. This innovative No-Choke design is used to protect the pet's trachea and throat hence, no more coughing or gagging while taking the dog for a stroll. The harness is the breathable mesh, designed for all outdoor activities that will snugly hugs the dog with a flexible air-mesh that maintains the dog's natural movement.
EcoBark Pet Supplies Pink Max Comfort Harness Flower

About Our Eco-Friendly Harnesses

The Harness Hug by EcoBark comes in 4 sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. This means the harness accommodates dogs from 4lbs to 25lbs. There are 2 colors and 1 print: Pink, Black, and also a Blue Anchor Pattern for nautical and sea loving dogs. EcoBark recommends to take measurements on the base of the dog's neck and the mid of their back to get a perfect fit;this is due to dog sizing being much different than human sizing. Eyeing sizes does not mean a perfect fit for harnesses, the only true way to have a comfortable fit is to measure the dog on the base of the neck and mid back.

What We're All About
EcoBark Pet Supplies is helping to save the environment and assisting it to become more sustainable through product fabrication and ecologically sound packaging processes. To that end, EcoBark Pet Supplies has created a highly functional product to enhance the dog walking experience. There is no other harness like it on the market.
EcoBark Pet Max Comfort Sizing Chart   

EcoBark Pet Supplies, finds environmentally conscious materials and incorporate them into the pet products that they sell. Incorporating Eco-Friendly Materials enables EcoBark to reduce the environmental footprint a consumer has on the planet. This process ensures a better future for the next generation of pet lovers and furry friends.

You can find our product here:

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Contact Information: EcoBark Pet Supplies at or Ph: 727-614-1522

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