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EcoBark's Mission

Our mission at EcoBark Pet Supplies has been to create dog harnesses that are safe, comfortable, that look great and come in customizable designs, styles, and sizes. Our business is built off of supplying pet owners with eco-friendly products made from recycled water bottles. Every harness we sell is composed of ninety-two percent recycled materials, mostly reclaimed water bottles and plastic containers.

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Another, little-known fact about EcoBark Pet Supplies is that our dog harnesses are meticulously designed to be escape-free harnesses.

Our harnesses envelop more of a dog’s body, wrapping around further up on the shoulders, neck, and chest than other harnesses do, making for a no-pull, no-escape dog harness experience. Our customers love the design and style of our harnesses, and the no-escape factor is comforting. Because our harnesses our eco-friendly and no-escape, customers can outfit their canine companions with great looking harnesses that are environmentally ethical and safe.

Pets Who Escape Sometimes Don’t Make it Back.  According to the American Humane Society, pet escapes are a lot more serious than most think. We always hear the story of the pet that got off its leash or harness, the pet that escaped the backyard, or the pet that bolted out the front door and then came back, but we rarely hear about the pets that never do come back.
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According to Nuzzle, a group that makes GPS dog collars, there are an estimated eighty million lost dogs nationwide, with four million lost every year. Every year, more than eight-million pets end up in shelters for one reason or another. Hundreds of thousands never make it home.
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also reports on this. According to the ASPCA, fifteen percent of pet owners every year experience losing a pet, with about seven percent of lost dogs and twenty-six percent of lost cats never making it back to their owners.
Even though most pets do make it back to their owners, do we really want to take that chance? Do we want to risk our dog or cat becoming just another statistic of a lost pet who never finds their way home?

Our Commitment to Your Pet’s Safety

Never losing a pet becomes a matter of prevention more than anything else. Pet owners can take all kinds of prevention-based actions to make sure that their pets never get lost. Better backyard fencing, ID tags on collars, GPS collars, GPS tracking chips, etc. all make a difference.

How EcoBark Can Help

Something you can do right now and from the comfort of your own home is to buy a no-escape dog harness from EcoBark Pet Supplies. Our dog harnesses do not use any special gimmicks or uncomfortable design patterns to make them into no-escape dog harnesses. The no-escape aspect of our dog harnesses comes about as a simple result of the way our harnesses are designed. Our best dog harnesses sit higher up on the chest and shoulders of dogs than most competitor harnesses do, making it next to impossible for dogs to wriggle out of them.

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Our best dog harnesses and puppy harnesses combine comfort, style, perfect fit, an eco-friendly component, and a no-escape component. You can purchase our harnesses for your furry companions and rest easy knowing you’ve taken the first of hopefully many steps to ensure that you never have to suffer an escaped pet.

To learn more about our process and how we design our harnesses to be escape-free, check out our
EcoBark Pet Supplies Website .  For ways to purchase your own EcoBark harness, take a look at our styles and options at:

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