The Frenchie + EcoBark = The Perfect Fit

French bulldogs are rapidly increasing in popularity, and why not? Some people describe the Frenchie as a piglet with bunny ears. The French Bulldog is among the most popular dog breeds due to their low maintenance and ability to adapt in an apartment or home and live with individuals or families. New American Kennel Club rankings released back in March show that Frenchies have landed in fourth place, their highest ranking ever.
This adorable breed doesn't come without it's share of problems however. French Bulldogs suffer from a condition known as brachycephalic syndrome. They can have a difficult time breathing because of the way their body is built.With their narrow windpipes, small nostrils, large tonsils, and soft palate, there's a lot of elements that prevent them from getting an adequate air supply to their lungs. This issue gets worse if they run out of breath during a walk or heavy exercise.
Standard collars can prove to be dangerous for this breed. The constriction around their small necks can lead to choking and heatstroke. It doesn't help that French Bulldogs are notorious pullers. To combat this issue, owners should invest in a high-quality harness. Harnesses provide control and restraint without affecting their ability to breathe.
Here at Eco-Bark we truly make a one of a kind harness for French Bulldogs. Our super comfortable, padded mesh harness is a perfect combination of safety and comfort for your little pup. recently ranked our harness at their #1 overall harness for Frenchie's, and we couldn't be happier to know that we are the most trusted source for your pets comfort and safety!
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We are constantly working on new ideas and products that are sure to give your pet a stylish and fun look, while keeping their comfort and safety in the highest regard! As always, all of our products are eco-friendly and give you the benefit of knowing that when you purchase from EcoBark, you're pet is not only happy and safe, but it's helping keep our planet safe is well!