Dog Harness 101: What to Buy & What to Stay Away From

Why A Dog Harness? 

There are a lot of reasons to consider using a dog harness instead of a plain old collar. Maybe you’ve got a brand new furry friend, and it’s your first time leash training a dog. Maybe you’re an old hand at training, but you’ve got a new dog that’s presenting pulling problems for the first time. Your dog might not be new. In fact, harnesses are even great for older dogs that need more support through the chest and back. 

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Dog harnesses strap around your dog’s body in multiple places. This provides more support around your dog and offers you  more ways to modify your dog’s behavior. Harnesses are commonly used for owners looking to train their dogs away from pulling, but can also be beneficial for your dog’s comfort and help you stay with your dog on outdoor trips. Many owners have decided to use harnesses instead of collars for all their outdoor adventures. 

There are lots of harnesses out there, but not to worry! We at EcoBark are here to help you choose a harness with a few simple tips. 

Dog Harness Fit

Harnesses lessen overall tension by putting pressure on the front of a dog’s chest. Conversely, traditional collars can sometimes put too much pressure on a dog’s throat, cauEcoBark's Safety Yellow Max Comfortsing damage to the trachea. If you’re looking for a harness for training reasons, you’ll want to make sure the harness doesn’t hurt your dog’s chest when you apply pressure. Make sure the front strap doesn’t sag. Poor fit can lead to the front strap chafing your dog’s chest. The front ring of a harness is the primary lever for adjusting your dog’s gait, and you need to make sure the front ring isn’t shifting on your dog’s chest. 

A poor dog harness can loosen so much that your dog steps right out of it. You’ll want something that’s snug and easily adjustable to your dog’s frame. 

Keeping Your Dog Comfy 

In terms of comfort, the width of the straps is an important thing to consider. Larger dogs will need thicker straps. The best dog harnesses will fit comfortably around your dog and feel like nothing is there. In many studies, dogs were more likely to step right into their harnesses for the first time without prompting than any other kind of attachment. 

Look for a front-clip harness, which can offer great control for the owner. These harnesses have clips on the strap that go across the front of your dog’s chest. This rewards the dog for not pulling, while also letting you be able to quickly offer side-to side control. You’ll also want to check out lined collars. A collar with lining can be more comfortable, warmer, and easier for you to notice from great distances. 

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Of course, every dog accessory has the opportunity to add a little swagger to your pup. Choosing a harness that matches you and your pup’s shared sense of style can be just as important as any other consideration. You want to be proud of what you’re putting on your dog as well. An eco-friendly harness from

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can offer the comfort and style that you need, while offering the assurance of a low carbon footprint. We use all eco-friendly materials and make comfy, wide-strapped harnesses made from recycled plastic bottles.

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