Benefits of a No Pull/ No Choke Mesh Dog Harness for Your Dogs Health

Danger of Collars

For years the go to dog accessory was the dog collar.  Dog Collars were used extensively for walking and training.  However, over time veterinarians started noticing a major issue with using the dog collar, the pulling of the collar during dog walking was hurting the dogs.  When dogs get excited and start to pull (anyone who’s dog has seen a squirrel will understand), the force of the pulling causes the dog collar to dig into the dog’s fragile trachea and throat.  Over time this pull can cause sever discomfort and even damage to your puppy.

Benefits of No Pull/ No Choke Dog Harnesses

This major disadvantage with dog collars was solved by the No Pull / No Choke Dog Harness.  No Pull Dog Harnesses are designed in a way that transfers the pressure of pulling from the dog’s throat to its chest.  Dogs have incredibly well-developed chest muscles that can easily withstand the pressure from pulling.  No Pull / No Choke Dog Harnesses are also strategically designed to sit below the level of the dog’s throat, completely removing any chance of injury to the throat and trachea.  Switching from a Dog Collar to No Pull / No Choke Dog Harness is highly recommended and will ensure that chasing squirrels will remain an aggravating yet pain free past time for your puppy.

 Our Favorite No Pull / No Choke Dog Harnesses

To check out some of our Favorite No Pull / No Choke Dog Harnesses click the link below.  All EcoBark Dog Harness are with recycled materials from recycled water bottles.  We do our best to ensure your pet carbon pawprint is as tiny as possible.  All EcoBark Dog Harnesses are designed with safety in mind and Utilize No Choke / No pull designs, adjustable straps, and durable safety buckles. 

Ecobark Max Comfort Over the Head Dog Harness

EcoBark Rapid Fastener Step In Dog Harness

Eco Friendly Padded Dog Leashes






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