9 Best Dog Movies I love watching

Let’s start out with a confession. I cry when I watch dog movies. They do not even have to be tragic, they can be about love or how good a dog is.  I won’t watch a movie about dogs unless I am alone or with someone that I am not afraid to cry with.

There is something that pulls so hard at my heart when devotion, loyalty, unconditional love, intelligence, and bravery are explored with a beloved pup in a film.

If you are up for watching shows that definitely go to the dogs, here is a list of must-see doggo films.

1. Eight below - This one is about a whole pack of Huskies that get abandoned and left behind in the Antarctic. Paul Walker tries to rescue them and there is sadness and joy as they try to survive in adverse conditions.  This one will leave your tears flowing as it shows the bonds that only dogs can have for their pack.
    Eight Below

    2. Old Yeller - This one goes way back to 1957 when Disney was the premier family movie producer. It is a tragedy and the dog saves the family on several occasions before getting rabies and needing to be put down.  This is from a different era but is one of the original tear jerkers out of Hollywood. It is interesting to watch from the perspective of how movies were made back at that time.

    Old Yelloer
    3. Homeward Bound from 1993 -  This is a remake of a 1963 movie. It shows an incredible journey of two dogs and a cat that cross great distances and encounter dangers, difficulties, and opportunities for heroism.  Cover your eyes for a spoiler, the happy ending is a given and they all lived happily ever after.

    Homeward Bound
    4. K-9 - Starring Jim Belushi, this is another one of the cop and dog buddy action comedies. There is a bad guy, of course, the cop and the dog are reluctant to bond and get along, of course, the dog chews stuff up and is a pain but in the end, they would take a bullet for each other and they save the day.  Fun!

    5. Isle of Dogs - Ok let me start by saying I am a huge Wes Anderson fan, the guy that directed this movie. His cinema style is just something I really love.  This is a wonderful film for the imagery and the fact that it is a “stop motion” shot beauty.

    It has all the elements of a great story with good and bad and drama and positive outcomes. This is a treat for those that love more than just story but really love film.

    Isle of Dogs
    6. Marley and Me - A story of the life of a dog and the family that cares for him. It takes the roller coaster ride of life with its ups and downs from beginning to the end of a dog's life.  This is what it would be like to own a naughty dog…. Dog owners will appreciate this movie but non-pet owners maybe not so much. It has mixed reviews but as a dog owner, it moved me.

    Marley and Me
    7. Turner and Hooch - A fun comedy with the amazing Tom Hanks as he plays an obsessive/compulsive clean freak police detective that has to deal with a big drooling dog to find a killer. It is a story of crime, corruption, love, and tragedy. The big dog dies in the end but there is a happily ever after thrown in at the end to help you walk away with a good feeling and a smile on your face.

    Turner and Hooch
    8. Benji - An old classic from 1974 - The first movie about the famous mutt. Benji is a stray who has worked his way into the hearts of a number of the townspeople who give him food and attention whenever he stops by. His particular favorites are a pair of children who feed and play with him against the wishes of their parents. When the children are kidnapped, however, the parents and the police are at a loss to find them. Only Benji can track them down, but will he be in time? If he can save the day, he may just find the permanent home he's been wishing for. 

    9. A Dog's Purpose - This movie really explores the spiritual side of life. It portrays a dog’s spirit as it goes through time and as it reincarnates in one dog then another. There is a heartwarming story of true love, devotion, overcoming life’s setbacks and reunion.

    The challenges include abusiveness, revenge, alcoholism and more. This film is about how a dog confronts, realizes and works for a purpose in each lifetime. The messages are wonderful.

    A dog's purpose

    Bonus pupper cartoon movies:

    1. All Dogs Go to Heaven - A classic on which a dog comes back from heaven to team up with his best friend.  They meet a young orphan girl who teaches them about friendship, kindness, and real love.  As a child I loved this movie, as an adult I now realize that the plot of the main character is about him running a casino, being convinced to leave town and while drunk, getting hit by a car which is why he went to heaven.  Crazy!

    A dog's go to heaven
    2. Lady and the Tramp - Pure classic Disney and even though it was released in 1955, it is still a lovely story that tells us that love is where the heart leads and overcoming artificial societal restrictions is just what must be done.  The whole family can enjoy this flick. lady and the tramp
    3. 101 Dalmations - Originally made in 1961 based on the novel by Dodie Smith, the Disney version was a classic tale of love, family and triumph over evil.  The movie was remade into a live version with Cruella Di Vil being played by Glenn Close, but I prefer the original cartoon.  

    101 Dalmatians
    4. Bolt - A underrated Disney movie where a young pup believes he has superpowers, only to find out that he has been living in a Truman show type Hollywood TV show.  As in all Disney movies, an event allows Bolt to realize that he doesn't have superpowers, only to lose his confidence.  However, with friendship and purpose, he regains his confidence and in the end, lives happily ever after.  


    Most of these movies may require a box of tissue at some point. I know they do for me.  Sometimes in some weird way, a good cry is therapeutic and these dog movies are the quickest way to feel the raw emotions that dog lovers understand too well.

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